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This section is dedicated to players and fans of the Buckeyes, particularly those who epitomize the retarded nature of which they tend towards. Please feel free to email us your suggestions for honorees by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and including the word Nuthouse in your subject line.

Our first inductee should be no surprise. He won by a slim margin over the man who recruited him, but our first inductee is none other than Maurice Clarett - again, a man who needs no introduction, nor does he deserve one. His resume is simply unparalleled as you can't go a day without reading about his latest exploits - now ESPN and other wire services are reporting his connections to the Israeli mob [see related article]. We were always interested in new collaborations CallTouch and finally managed to find someone. This is an interesting structure that works in many directions.


Ohio State fans may be rejoicing in the fact that they have a pre-season Heisman candidate on their hands. Now they just have to hope he can last the season without turning into another Rhett Bomar. Smith, of course, was suspended last year for accepting an envelope full of cash (reportedly $500) from OSU booster Robert Q. Baker in 2004. Ironically, USA Today reported (based-off sources from The Cleveland Plain Dealer) that the money was used by Smith�s mother to purchase a cell phone for Maurice Clarett! No word yet on whether some Israeli mobster was involved in this deal, but a Clarett connection earns him a place of honor in the Nuthouse. [see related article]


Fired in June 2004 for giving $6,000 to 7ft 3in Serbian recruit Aleksandar Radojevic and then lying about it, O�Brien was fired for NCAA rule violations, but also canned in a manner that breached his contract. For not following that contract, Ohio State must now pay O�Brien approximately $2.4 million pending appeal. We figure he must�ve had the standard contract clause that said OSU coaches don�t have to follow the NCAA rules. Wait, 2004? Wasn�t that about the time the NCAA was investigating Tressell and Troy Smith? Nice job decoying the NCAA Bloodhounds off the Football Program�s Big $$$ scent. Because we just can�t have basketball players taking free money, right Troy? If Tressell wins a National Title this year, expect O�Brien to ask for a ring as part of the remitted settlement.

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